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The Bondi Rockz brand aesthetic captures the alluring, eclectic individuality and charm of its Bondi Beach base.

Bondi Rockz jewellery is intentionally designed to be playful and worn in multiple ways; from beach to bar, casual cool to dressy, laid back bohemian or layered luxury.

Premium mixed metals and precious gemstones are a key aspect of the pieces. Sterling silver, gold and rose gold are played both together and separately, so that the pieces can be mixed and matched and maintain versatility to individual style. Petite gemstones are chosen for their natural hues and organic elements, which are incorporated to create timeless pieces, empowering the wearer with their unique gemstone properties.

Each Bondi Rockz piece is a little treasure, adaptable to each wearer and can be worn as such. Our jewellery is perfectly packaged in our unique branded tin, inspired by the original surf wax tins; providing a stunning treat to self or a beautiful gift to a loved one.

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